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This Rakshabandhan, protect the playful and cheerful bond of love and care between a brother and a sister with the magical charm of crystals. Uplift the festive spirits by choosing from our huge array of sophisticated & beautiful crystal rakhis!

Malachite & Lapis Lazuli Rakhi

SKU: B RAK23 19
  • Malachite and Lapis Lazuli beads are enchanting gemstones known for their healing properties of prosperity, confidence, communication, and success. Malachite attract abundance and financial opportunities while enhancing self-confidence and personal power. Lapis Lazuli promotes clear communication, boosts confidence, and aids in manifesting success in various endeavors. By wearing this Rakhi adorned with Malachite and Lapis Lazuli beads, you can harness the combined energies of these gemstones to invite prosperity, enhance your communication skills, boost confidence, and attract success in your pursuits.

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