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No more foul smell, fabric irritations and sweat stains! Yes, our unique Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral Bamboo fabric T-shirt fights with all kind of microbes and viruses. No bacteria means no sweaty smell and no skin infections. This innovative fabric gives more than 95% protection from bacteria and shields almost 60% from virus like #Covid_19 & #SARS.

Round neck, regular fit, half sleeves T-shirt with airy & soft Bamboo, Spandex knit. This on-the-go Bamboo T-shirt is a true classic piece for an instant casual look. This comfortable Tee has naturally breathable fabric that keeps you dry & cool at the same time. Multi-function knit is designed for one's daily life activities. A clean & sporty look provides elegance with all the comfort of bio-fit apparel. Bamboo fiber gives you a luxurious feel with UV Rays protection. Ultra-soft Bamboo Fabric T-Shirt to give you the utmost comfort, hygiene and protection from microbes. This eco-friendly product would have an extraordinary impact on your body & environment.

COMPOSITION- 95% Bamboo, 5% Spandex

Organic Bamboo Fabric Men's Round neck T-shirt