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This Rakshabandhan, protect the playful and cheerful bond of love and care between a brother and a sister with the magical charm of crystals. Uplift the festive spirits by choosing from our huge array of sophisticated & beautiful crystal rakhis!

Black Tourmaline & Tiger's Eye Rakhi

SKU: B RAK23 01
  • The Black Tourmaline bead and Tiger's Eye Rakhi combine the protective and grounding properties of Black Tourmaline with the strength and courage-enhancing qualities of Tiger's Eye. Black Tourmaline is known for its ability to absorb negative energy and provide protection against electromagnetic radiation. Tiger's Eye promotes confidence, determination, and success in personal and professional endeavors. By wearing this Rakhi, you can benefit from the combined energy of these gemstones, fostering a sense of protection, resilience, and empowerment in your life.