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The Emergence of Gen Z as the Flag Bearers of Sustainable Fashion

As the youngest population comprising a large number of fashion enthusiasts, Gen Z, has the power to swerve fashion trends in the direction of their demands. Also, the fact that Gen Z alone constitutes around 40% of global consumers, further establishes the statement mentioned above. A shift in their shopping patterns can push popular brands to bring about significant changes in the way they produce and market clothes. And that's exactly what's happening now.

Today's Gen Z are increasingly adopting a conscious and sustainable shopping practice. The reason is that they are well aware of the shocking impacts fast-fashion causes on the environment. In fact, 9 out of 10 Gen Z consumers believe that a brand is responsible for addressing environmental and social issues. As a result, popular brands are trying to take sustainable measures and even go far as introducing a sustainable line of clothing.

How Sustainable is the Gen Z?

A huge majority of Genz fashion lovers consider sustainability as one of the most important aspects. Recent studies have supported the mentioned statement. However, every consumer might have a different understanding of sustainability which have a fairly similar foundation.

Here are a few stats that are indications of the growing sustainable culture among Gen Z.

'30% of Gen Z consumers would stop using a brand if it didn't follow sustainable and ethical practices, while more than 30% would limit their purchases.'

'73% of Gen Z shoppers are willing to pay more for sustainable and ethical brand items.'

'75% of Gen Z respondents want to see brands ensuring employee and consumer safety.'

'54% of Gen Z is ready to pay an extra 10% on a sustainable product, compared to 50% of millennials.'

60% of Gen Z shoppers considered a brand's diversity and inclusion commitments when making purchasing decisions.

How are the Gen Z Striving to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle?

Opting for Second-Hand Options

A huge population of GenZ prefers to shop on a budget while following the sustainable way. When that's the case a large majority prefers thrift stores and other second-hand sources. They find it more affordable and friendlier to nature.

Supporting Fair Labour Practise

Gen Z is privy to unethical labor practices. As mentioned before, a large population of Gen Z shoppers ensures that the brand they choose to invest in sustainable, fair, and ethical labor practices.

Selling or Donating Used Clothes

In order to reduce further waste from landfills, many Gen Z shoppers donate unwanted clothes to local shelters or sell them to thrift stores.

Buying Organic

Gen Z has started buying clothes that are partially or completely free from harmful chemicals. They prefer clothes made from organic fabrics.

Spreading Awareness

The Gen Z population has a powerful social media presence and they don't shy away from spreading awareness about the significance of sustainability or supporting ethical brands and practices.

Well, if the younger generation can do so much for the planet, it is about time that the older generation follows suit because certainly, the planet's future is our future.


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